Monday Your chance to take a sneak preview into the coming season's programmes.
Tuesday 10:00
All his patients get it in the teeth and no-one pays the bill.
DENTAL RECORD : Bertieís assistant has swallowed the new drill but was it an accident ? The day before, Jane had found poison in the mouthwash.
Wednesday 10:00
All sorts of crimes are cooked up in his restaurant.
KITCHEN CRIMES : Our favourite chef is, once again, on the grill when his delivery boy is nailed on the carving board. Everything points to suicide but heís not so sure.
Gardener Josephine find a corpse each time she digs the weeds.
THE GARDEN SLEUTH : Josephine finds a loaded sub-machinegun in her new rose bed. Meanwhile her neighbour gets shot while pruning the hedge.
FRIDAY 10:00
Father Drevin investigates the many deaths around his little church.
WEST MIDLAND MYSTERIES : Twenty-seven hit and run incidents in a week arise the suspicion of Father Drevin who will, once again, have to turn all the stones in the sleepy little parish of Danby.
Itís murder galore at the local supermarket.
TILL DEATH : Another lady customer dies as she check-out. Melanie will have to use all her skills to unravel the mysteries of her shopping list and reach the grim conclusion.
SUNDAY 10:00
Life goes on as usual at Sun Street Police Station.
THE NICK OMNIBUS : Your chance to catch up with the latest happenings at Sun Street Police Station. 10:00 RACE : Reg and Jannie must persuade their mates to join the copper of the week contest. 12:00 NO ROSES FOR Mrs BLIGH : Superintendent Bligh finds the ideal present for his wife. 14:00 SOUP : Gladys and John try a new recipe while Eric and Gail are on the beat. 16:00 TOFFEE : An argument breaks out about the brands in the new vending machine. 17:00 NIGHT SHIFT : The arrival of a DVD player causes havoc among the later watchers.